The delicious baumkuchen of “Villon” that look like a piece of art


Pastry “Villon” which we will introduce, is near the north exit of Sakurashinmachi.
The baumkuchen of Villon a has a rich, moist taste and flavor, and is famous for their unique shape like a art piece of pottery. They are so delicious, they received a golden award at a contest in Germany called the DLG contest.
Villon was founded near 50 years ago, and is a baumkuchen shop loved by not only the local residents, but also from customers who come from near and far, to buy their unique baumkuchens.
Various baumkuchen are displayed at the entrance of Villon, you can also enjoy their baumkuchen with your eyes. Why don’t you visit Villon to find the best baumkuchen ever?

Villon baumkuchen don’t need any drinks

You may have a impression baumkuchen are sort of crummy and you’d need a drink to eat with,but Villons baumkuchens will change your impression.Their baumkuchens are so rich and soft, you can enjoy them perfectly without any drinks. No wonder they won a gold prize in the DLG contest in Germany in 2017.

Don’t worry, they also sell in small cuts too!


Villon’s baumkuchen: Japanese Sake flavor

The rich soft baumkuchen with a accent of Amasake from Japanese Sake.
You can taste the scent and richness of a slight flavor of Japanese Amasake (Sweet Japanese Sake), this flavor is very rare for a baumkuchen.


Villon’s ”Viyonet (flower vase)” baumkuchen


Villon’s “Viyonet Franboise” baumkuchen

Inside the vase shaped like baumkuchen, berry jelly stuffed.
The soft rich taste of baumkuchen and the sweet and sour taste of the berry jelly are a best match!

Villon’s ”Viyonet Poire” baumkuchen

The pear shaped baumkuchen has pear jelly inside, it tastes very mild and elegant.The rich texture of the baumkuchen and the mild pear make a perfect harmony.

Villon’s ”Viyonet Pomme” baumkuchen

The apple shaped baumkuchen has green apple jelly inside, the refreshing taste of the green apple matches perfectly with the rich soft baumkuchen.


Villon’s ”Viyonet Passion” baumkuchen

The vase shaped baumkuchen has a maple flavor, and has passion fruit jelly inside.
This is a very unique combination, and the rich taste of passion fruit jelly matches well with the sweet maple baumkuchen.

Villon’s ”Viyonet Mango” baumkuchen

The vase shaped baumkuchen has a maple flavor, and has mango fruit jelly inside.The sweetness of the maple flavor and the tropical taste of mango are a excellent match.


Villon’s “Grand Villon” baumkuchen

This is totally art! Can you believe this is a baumkuchen you can eat!?!?
They use maple sugar, so the baumkuchen has a maple flavor.The owner was inspired was inspired by the pottery exhibition, and after a long time of trial and error, he finally made this masterpiece by baumkuchen. Take a look at the shape, the grilled color and the glossy texture!It is so real!!They wrap it up in a wooden box, so it seems so much like pottery.
It is often chosen as gifts, especially for those on special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.

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Shop information about Villon

About Villon

Adress〒154-0015 東京都世田谷区桜新町2-8-4

Open Hours: 9:30〜20:00(closed on Wednesday)


The online shop of Villon

You can buy Villon baumkuchens online! If you wish to try, but don’t have good access, why not go to the online store and select a baumkuchen?


How was are article about Villon’s baumkuchen? They have a wide variety of unique baumkuchens, and we hope you can find your favorite baumkuchen at Villon!


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