Cooking activities to do with children: Making ANPANMAN cookies


When your child becomes 1 or 2 years old and live in Japan, they suddenly start to LOVE ANMANMAN, it’s a wonder how they come to know them.Maybe buying ANPANMAN goods would make them happy, but we’d like to introduce an activity that’s both exciting and delicious.How about making ANPANMAN cookies with your child? We would like to introduce beautiful samples and recipes.

ANPANMAN cookie recipe videos

Let’s check some short videos before we move on to ANPANMAN cookie recipes.
Basically it’s the same as making a standard cookie dough.The face color(beige/yellow)doesn’t need any coloring, but the nose and cheek may need to be turned into red or orange.

ANPANMAN character’s cookies

Let’s check the characters of ANPANMAN, his friends or rivals. We’ll introduce some amazing samples.

ANPANMAN cookies

ANPANMAN is the main hero of the ANPANMAN series, and is every child’s favorite. His face is made with combining circles so it’s probably rather easy to make.We’d say starting for him will be the best decision.You can change his facial expression by changing his eyes and mouth.



CURRYPANMAN is one of ANPANMANs best friends, and is a member of the trio of justice with ANPANMAN and SYOKUPANMAN.
We think CURRYPANMAN would be the second easiest to make.You can make his lemon shaped face, than round eyes and nose, than his wavy mouth. You can have fun by putting in a little bit of curry powder.


SYOKUPANMAN is another best friend of ANMANMAN, and is also a member of the trio of justice.
Shaping his face is rather hard compared to ANPANMAN and CURRYPANMAN, but he’s supposed to be good looking, so be careful not to mess him up!



Girls tend to like her.She’s acts as she desires, she’s a troublemaker, but cute and adorable too. Her cookies are rather hard to make, but seeing you try making your child’s favorite character will definitely make your child happy! KOKINCYAN is basically the same, so you can try making her too!

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He’s ANPANMAN’s biggest rival. He’s often doing naughty things, but children like him anyway.
You have to be careful not to break his little horn from his head, and you need to use at least 3 colors so hi’s hard to make too.

入園入学のWパンチに加え、もろもろ私用が多くてバタバタであまり作っていなかったアイシング🙇‍♀️ 時々やってはいたものの写真撮らなかったりで、1ヶ月ぶりのpost* 写真撮った後に、なーんか違和感感じて。 んー??? って何度も写真見て…は!!! ドキンちゃんのまつ毛描き忘れている!!!😭 バタバタ直し😭 . ストーリーにちょこちょこ載せてたけど、アイシングお休みしていた分お菓子をたっぷり作ってた😋 作って食べて作って食べて… 毎日会社から歩いて帰ってきてるのに、休みの日にちょこちょこジム頑張ってるのに、全然太っていく!(笑) さて。もうすぐ4月。新年度〜。 学びたい欲が今たまらなく溢れているので、春休み終わったら動き出す!!♡ ワクワクがたくさん♥︎♥︎ . . . #アイシング#アイシングクッキー#icing #icingcookie #icingcookies#shi_cookies #キャラクッキー #キャラクタークッキー #キャラクターアイシングクッキー#誕生日 #誕生日クッキー #誕生日アイシングクッキー #バースデー #バースデークッキー #バースデーアイシングクッキー #birthdaycookies #birthdaycookie #アンパンマン #キャラクッキー #キャラクタークッキー #キャラクターアイシングクッキー #アンパンマンクッキー #バイキンマン #バイキンマンクッキー #ドキンちゃんクッキー #ドキンちゃん

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Popular ANPANMAN cookies recipe

Let’s check some recipes for ANPANMAN cookies.

1,Cookie recipes using unsalted butter, and cocoa.

This is a simple recipe.They suggest you use a ANPANMAN onigiri maker to shape them neatly.

[Source:coockpad anpanman cookie:]

2,Crispy ANPANMAN cookie recepies

This recipe suggests you to make them rather small so you can eat them in one bite.

[Source:pecori anpanman cookie:]

3,Easy ANPANMAN cookie recipes for children with allergies

This uses salad oil and doesn’t use any eggs. You can use rice powder if someone in family is allergic to flour.

[Source:pecori anpanman cookie:]

Summary for ANPANMAN cookies

How was this article about ANPANMAN cookies? Why not try making cookie characters that your children love, have fun, and have a nice snack? We hope we encouraged you to try!

いいね ! しよう



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