Featuring “WARABIMOCHI-MOTOKO” at Sugamo: The best warabimochi in the WORLD!


“Warabimochi” is a traditional Japanese sweet which is sort of like jelly,surprisingly soft, yet bouncy! In Sugamo, you can buy the BEST warabimochi in the world! The shop is crowded with tourists and local fans. We will introduce the features of this shop, and also recommended products with photos. WARABIMOCHI-MOTOKO would be great for a Sugamo souvenir. If you LOVE warabimochi, or have never tried eating it, you ought to go!


Why we recommend “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

There are 2 big points we recommend about this “Warabimochi-Motoko.”


1.The texture of “Warabimochi-Motoko”s warabimochi

The biggest feature of “Warabimochi-Motoko” is the smooth and bouncy texture.It’s so smooth and semitransparent, that it looks glossy in the light

The smooth and cool feeling of warabimochi going through your throat feels really awesome.

If you are going to take it home, you should cool it in the refrigerator before eating. You can also purchase it half frozen in summer, so it slowly melts just about when you get home, so that you can eat it cool at the perfect timing.


2,They generously let you taste many flavors of “Warabimochi-Motoko”s warabimochi

“Warabimochi-Motoko” lets you taste many flavors very generously.

They constantly have 4 to 5 tastes at all times so you may get lost wondering which you should buy, but the shop owner lets you try all the flavors so that you could definitely find your favorite flavor before purchase.

At the shop front, there are little bits of the warabimochi for tasting, and the friendly shop owner will ask you to try. When it gets warmer, they are served on ice so you can try tasting at the best cool condition.


Recommended products of “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

“Warabimochi-Motoko”  usually has 4 to 5 basic warabimochi, plus one seasonal products.

I will introduce each one with photos.


Flavor “SANONTOU” of “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

“SANONTOU” is a type of sugar often used in Japanese sweets. This flavor is generally the basic flavor of warabi mochi. You can taste the deep sweetness of the “SANONTOU”  which is unique to Japan. This is a Sugamo souvenir you can recommend to everybody.


巣鴨のわらび餅おみやげ、、 いただきます! #わらび餅もとこ#巣鴨#江戸六通り

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Flavor ”KOKUTOU” of “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

”KOKUTOU” is brown/black sugar also often used in Japanese sweets. The ”KOKUTOU” is  made with brown sugar of Okinawa Tamari Island. You can enjoy the rich flavor of brown sugar. Although it has the gorgeous taste of brown sugar, it’s quite refreshing and simple.


Flavor ”MURASAKI IMO” of “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

Flavor ”MURASAKI IMO” is made from purple sweet potatoes, and the warabimochi tastes totally like purple sweet potatoes although not heavy like real potatoes. They give you “Kinako toppings” made from green beans. The  match of the purple sweet potatoes and the finely ground bean powder is outstanding. This is personally the flavor I recommend you the most.


Flavor ”MACHA” of “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

”MACHA”  is the taste of Japanese green tea, the warabimochi smells like green tea and has a beautiful green color. This is rather not sweet compared to the other flavors, so if you are looking for something bitter and not too sweet, this would be perfect.




Flavor ”SAKURA” of “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

Flavor ”SAKURA” is a seasonal flavor of spring, so you’re lucky if you come across. There are salty sakura blossoms scattered in the warabimochi. The fragrant of Sakura and the slightly salty taste of the sakura blossoms make you feel spring is on it’s way.


Flavor ”SALT” of “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

Flavor ”SALT” is a seasonal flavor of summer. It’s the most refreshing flavor and matches best in summer, get it chilled and it is awesome.


Flavor ”KUROGOMA” of “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

Flavor ”KUROGOMA” is a seasonal flavor of black sesame. You can enjoy the savory fragrance of black sesame. The topping is not normal kinako powder, but additional black sesame powder.


For those who have hard access to “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)

Warabimochi can be ordered online. For those who have hard access to  Sugamo, we recommend you visit their site and order. Since Online-order is often closed, please check their website for the latest information.


How was our feature on Warabimochi “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)?

This warabi mochi is perfect for snacks or gifts/ souvenir to family and friends, and we strongly recommend you visit “Warabimochi-Motoko”(Sugamo Station, Tokyo)!!



Shop Name:Warabimochi-Motoko

Adress: Arukadia Shino 2-31 3Cyoume Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo





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