Introducing Delicious Potato Snacks of “IMOKEN” near Gakugeidaigaku satation, Tokyo


Do you know Gakugeidaigaku station is quite surounded by famous sweets shops?
For example,”MATTER HORN”which is famous for it’s Baumkuhen, and ”MEGURO HIRAGI” wich is famous for TAIYAKI, and “RUE DE PASSY” which is famous for its delicious caramel, and many other shops that are just as famous and delicious!

In such area, a new delicious sweets shop, “IMOKEN” which specialises in sweets made from potatoes,opened on 4th February,2018! The name “IMOKEN” uses the chinese characters “IMO” meaning potato, and “KEN” meaning investigating potatos to the extreme!





They use delicious potatoes which are out of the standard size to sell in supermarkets.In this article we will feature such IMOKEN specializing in potato sweets.


Eher is IMOKEN located?

IMOKEN is about a 5 minutes walk from the Gakugeidaigaku station, a little beyond “MEGUROHIRAGI” famous for TAIYAKI. FYI, if you go past IMOKEN, you will reach “RUE DE PASSY” which is famous for its caramel. What an area with so many sweets shops!

When you arrive at the opening hour, you’d be surprised since there is already a long line of customers! All of them are women, so you can see how this shop is favored among women!




This is how the shop looks like! I took the (pictures at a late hour, so it’s sort of dark outside.)

The shop isn’t big, so it becomes full when 2 or 3 customers go inside.
They don’t have a eat in space, so you’ll have to take them out.
The appearance is very nice, newly opened!


The DAIGAKUIMO(fried soft sweet potato with syrop) of IMOKEN, Gakugeidaigaku station,Tokyo

Daigakuimo is made from fried sweet potatoes, the fried sweet potatoes are coated with syrup made from sugar and soy sauce, and topped with black sesame.Don’t they look glossy and delicious? they are sold by weight, so you can purchase the amount you want to eat.


You may have a image daigakuimos are sort of hard and crispy with the syrup becoming hard, but the daigakuimos of IMOKEN are different.They are soft, and you can taste the sweetness coming from the sweet potato, not only from the sweet syrup.
It makes you realise how delicious daigakuimos are!


The YAKIIMO (roasted sweet potatoes) of IMOKEN, Gakugeidaigaku station, Tokyo

This will probably shock you, and change your image of the yakiimo. See how the potato nectar is dripping out to the surface? I have never eaten anything like this before!



First bite, they are so soft you don’t feel any potato fibers at all, and you’d be amazed at how sweet they are! It’s unbelievable how sweet sweet potatoes really are!

They sell not only hot roasted potatoes, but also cool roasted potatoes as well. I tried both, and I was surprised because the cool ones tasted more sweet!


The HOSHIIMO(dried sweet potatoes) of IMOKEN, Gakugeidaimae station,Tokyo

You can enjoy the soft chewy texture and the original sweetness of the potatoes.

They recommend you grill them with fire a little bit, it makes the sweetness and good scent increase, which stimulates your appetite!


The IMOKENPI(fried sweet potatoes) of IMOKEN, Gakugeidaigaku station,Tokyo

Imokenpi is a fried sweet potato sometimes covered in caramel sauce. The difference from Daigakuimo, is that they are more shaped like french fries, and are fried so that they become hard and crispy. They have 2 flavors, salt and caramel.The crispy texture and the sweetness from the potato matches very well, making them a perfect snack.


The salt is a good accent, it’s sort of like sprinkling salt on watermelons to to make the watermelons sweeter,the salty sweet contrast helps the sweetness stand out.


Summary of IMOKEN in Gakugeidaimae station,Tokyo

How was our article about IMOKEN? All the products are perfect for a little snack, and the pouch packed hoshiimo and imokenpi would be perfect for a small gift to your friends or coworkers! We are sure they will please whoever eats them!
I actually happen to live quite near, so I am totally a frequenter.


Shop Information

Shop information
Name: 芋研 IMOKEN

Adress:東京都目黒区鷹番3-18-5 フィオーレ鷹番1F

open hours:11:30~19:00

closed on:Wednesday