“Maman et Fille” a delicious baked sweets shop in Kobe,Hyogo Japan


“Maman et Fille” is a baked sweets shop that only used to open during limited events of department stores. They were called “Phantom cookies” because they always sold out on such occasions. But finally, “Maman et Fille” has opened a shop in July 2017, in Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture.

Started from a sweets shop made by mother and daughter

It all started from the mother,Michiko san, who liked making sweets, making sweets for her children. The daughter Naho san who was influenced by her mother, studied at the prestigious school in France “Le Cordon Bleu Paris”. She saids she learned the spirit of cooking from her mother, and the techniques from Le Cordon Bleu Paris.
She later encountered with Mr. Sadaharu Aoki (famous for Macaron), influesing her.


“Maman et Fille” was opened by such mother and daughter,”Maman et Fille” means mother and daughter in French, you can feel their strong bonds from the heartwarming naming.

The baked sweets of “Maman et Fille”

The baked sweets made by them taste simple and elegant.They first started only open on Sundays, but as soon as they were introduced in the media, they became very popular.

“Maman et Fille”’s famous “French Biscuit”

“French Biscuit” is frequently introduced in the media. The biscuits are made with simple ingredients such as fine butter, flour, eggs, and sugar only. Since it is made faithfully to the French old-fashioned recipe, the flavor of the fine rich flour spreads and smoothly.


The cookie cans are a beautiful, sophisticated design too.
They can not be reserved, and will finish as soon as they sell out the stock of the day.


“Maman et Fille”’s famous “Financier” with the scent of rich butter

”Maman et Fille”’s most famous item would be the French Biscuit, but the Financier is also very popular too.


They use only the supernatant of scorched fermented butter,
Its taste is simple, but there is ingenuite hardwork behind the scenes.
The sent of rich butter spreading all over you mouth, is totally delicious.

Actually, they were first thinking about making a sweet shop specialising in financier. However, while trying various menus, the variety increased and they decided to open a baked confectionery.


Summary of “Maman et Fille”

The simple baked sweets of Maman et Fille are delicious, they make the most of the original taste of the fine ingredients.If you like baked sweets you must try going! Good luck, since they are often sold out!!