The Best 5 Shops to Eat the Delicious “Mitarashi Dango” in Tokyo!


There are a lot of opportunities to eat “Mitarashi dango” such as snack time and having tea with friends. You can buy them at convenience stores all over and they are delicious too, but Mitarashi dangos made in shops are really GREAT. It’s great for going out to eat, and also great for gifts. We will introduce the best 5 shops to go in Tokyo.

Ikkouan (Myougadani Station, Bunkyo Ward)

Ikkouan is a well-established Japanese confectionary shop in Bunkyo Ward. Mitarashi dangos of Ikkouan have seven dangos in one skewer! You will be quite satisfied buying one. In addition, it uses a very special fine rice powder, so the texture of the dangos are very smooth and satisfying.

You’ll also need to check Ikkouan’s famous Warabi mochi if you’re to go. Warabimochi is sort of like jelly but surprisingly soft, yet flexible!

Access: 4 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Myougadani Station

Open hours: AM10:00 to PM18:00

Closed on: Sunday, Monday, National Holidays

Reference(菓子調達所 一幸庵:

Gunrindou (Gokokuji Station, Bunkyo Ward)

This is another well-established Japanese confectionary shop in Bunkyo Ward. Gunrindou is also famous for Daifuku, and is often mentioned as one of the “Best 3 Shops to buy Mamedaifuku in Tokyo”. Mitarashi dangos are just as great as well.

The texture of the dangos are bouncy, and the taste of soy sauce of Mitarashi sauce is rather strong compared to other shop’s flavor. They give you additional Mitarashi Sauce when serving, so all the pictures have plenty of sauce ♪

Access: 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Gokokuji Station exit No.5

Open hours: AM9:30 to PM17:00

Closed on: Sunday, Monday


Asadaya (Tameike-Sanno station, Minato Ward)

Asadaya in Akasaka is also famous.The size of the dangos are big. The Dangos are grilled fine and smell great, the Mitarashi sauce isn’t too sweet and they match very well.

Access: 2 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Tameike-Sanno Station exit No.10,11

             It faces a narrow road, so may be a little bit hard to find.

Open hours: AM9:00 to PM20:00

Closed on: Saturday,Sunday, National Holidays


Jiman-Kusamochi (Higashi-Mukojima Station, Sumida ward)

Jiman-Kusamochi has been established over 100 years ago,  It’s especially famous for Kusamochi (as in the name of the shop!), which uses fresh leaves of Yomogi. The Mitarashi Dangos are also also loved as well. They use fine rice powder to make the smooth soft texture, the Mitarashi Sauce isn’t too sweet and they mach just perfect.

There are 2 types of Kusamochi (one with sweet bean stuffing, and one with not).You MUST buy at least one type if you’re to go to Jiman-Kusamochi.


Access:11 minutes walk from Toubu Isezaki Line Higashi-Mukojima Station

Open hours: AM9:00 to PM17:00

Closed on: Wednesday


Oiwake-Dango-Honpo (Shinjuku-Sanchome Station, Shinjuku Ward)

Oiwake-Dango-Honpo is near Shinjuku-Sanchome Station, and it has a eat-in corner so you can eat at the shop. They have many kinds of Dango (not only Mitarashi), and it’s popular to buy several and compare the tastes. They are often bought as gifts since because it has good access to Shinjuku station (one of the most biggest stations in Japan), is open on weekends, also until rather late hours which means they are easy to buy compared to other shops.

Access:3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku-Sanchome Station

Open hours: AM10:00 to PM20:30

Closed on: 1st January only



How was our introduction about the best 5 shops in Tokyo?

All shops have their own color, and are all very appealing. If you happen to go near, please drop by and enjoy the delicious Mitarashi Dango!

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