Introducing “QUOLOFUNE” The Famous Castella shop in Jiyugaoka Tokyo Japan

Nagasakido, founded in 1919, is the original shop of QUOLOFUNE. Nagasakidou is a castella shop founded near 100 years ago, and QUOLOFUNE is a rebranded line of Nagasakidou.
QUOLOFUNE has its flagshop in Jiyugaoka, and has the motto “”Tukuritate wo Tukuritakute” meaning ”wanting to bake, the freshly baked”.

Consept of QUOLOFUNE in Jiyugaoka Tokyo

They made a commitment to use fresh materials without compromising. The eggs are born from chicken that have grown freely under strict control, the high quality eggs give a rich flavor to the dough, making it completely different from standard confections.
They use original blended sugar too, made from sugar canes and beet sugar.That is how they have come to accomplish the smooth and elegant texture, and the fabulous taste.

The Castellas of QUOLOFUNE in Jiyugaoka Tokyo

Their main product, the QUOLOFUNE Castella is soft and fluffy, and is additive free.

QUOLOFUNE Zalattela of QUOLOFUNE in Jiyugaoka Tokyo

If you like sweets, we recommend Zalattela. It is a mixture of castella, vanillabean, and fresh cream. There is zarame (granulated sugar)on top of the castella,and is similar to brulee.

QUOLOFUNE Cafe in Jiyugaoka Tokyo

QUOLOFUNE Cafe is located just a few minutes walk from Jiyugaoka Station. There is a takeout on the first floor and a cafe on the second floor. Some items are only provided at the cafe, why not visit QUOLOFUNE Cafe in Jiyugaoka?

I tried eating QUOLOFUNE’s castella

I bought a castella from QUOLOFUNE.


It sells castella in a small sizes too, so you can enjoy them even if you’re alone.
QUOLOFUNE’s castella has a characteristic elegant scent which is quite different from other famous castella shops.


When I tried it, the distinctive features were the flavor and texture.
I had a image castella are too sweet, and they usually taste mainly of sugar, but QUOLOFUNE’s castella was different. You can taste the rich flavor of the eggs, making a nice sweet harmony in the mouth.

In addition, although the texture is really fluffy, they are very soft and far from crummy.
I realised this is what choosing the finest ingredients without compromising is about, making a taste you can never forget.

Summary of our article about QUOLOFUNE in Jiyugaoka Tokyo

How was our article about QUOLOFUNE in jiyugaoka Tokyo? I was really satisfied with the rich delicious castella.They seem to have other famous sweets such as Dorayaki, and I’ve never been to the QUOLOFUNE Cafe, but I’m really eager to go!

Shop Information
Shop Name:黒船 QUOLOFUNE


Closed on:The First and third Monday of every month

Open Hours: 10:00〜19:00