Featuring “milk” at Shibuya: Taste the rich FRESH CREAM!!


“milk” is a sweets shop which specializes in using Fresh Cream and is very popular among young ladies in Tokyo.”Milk“ already has shops in Harajuku, Shinjuku, Tachikawa, but a new shop will open in Shibuya (Marui building) on 29th April,2018.

We will feature “milk” in this article and introduce its concepts and recommended menus.


CONCEPTS of “milk” at Shibuya Marui: Taste the rich FRESH CREAM!!

The big characteristic of “milk” is that you can taste RICH FRESH CREAM.
The RICH FRESH CREAM is made with special support from Takanashi Dairy, and has been completed on trial and error. There are 2 special points about this cream.



1, Rich flavor, yet the remaining taste is very light and gentle.

The RICH FRESH CREAM of “milk” tastes rich and gorgeous, and yet the remaining flavor is very light and gentle. This is because they have found the special mix of different milk constituent, making this compatibility possible.


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2,Fluffy and soft texture

The RICH FRESH CREAM of “milk” is very fluffy and soft.They mix a lot of air in the cream making this original texture.

昨日は#ショッピング 🛍🎶 . 登山用ザックと手芸用品を買いに行く予定だったのに買った物は食べ物ばかり…🤣😝🤣 . #生クリーム専門店milk で#ミルキークリームのふわとろシフォンケーキ を食べました💕 #生クリームたっぷり で生クリーム好きには最高やね💕😋 #濃厚で美味しかった 💕👍 #おごりだからか ⁉より一層美味しいような😝😋😝 #ありがとう 😊 . #シナボン の#シナボンクラシック と#キャラメルピーカンボン #シナモンたっぷりで美味しい 😋 #cinnabon . . 土曜日、息子に心配をかけたお詫びに#メリーチョコレート を…🙇‍♀️ #嬉しそうに食べてた 😆 . #カスケード のパン🍞 #いくつか食べて picできなかったけど、美味しく頂きました👍😋😆 #cascade . . #ご馳走様でした 🙏😋😋

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RECOMMENDED MENUS of “milk” at Shibuya Marui

We will introduce menus you can taste the RICH FRESH CREAM with photos. Let’s check “milk”s popular menus from the current shops.


Milky Soft Parfait :I personally recommend this too! (Shibuya Marui milk)

You can enjoy four different tastes at once with this Milky soft parfait. Milky soft ice cream, fresh cream, milk pudding, and tapiocas are combined as a parfait.


Fresh Cream Shake: as if you’re drinking fresh cream! (Shibuya Marui milk)

You can taste the milky and RICH FRESH CREAM. I absolutely recommend this if you LOVE fresh cream.


Fresh Cream Puffs (Shibuya Marui milk)

These are cream puffs with SPECIAL RICH FRESH CREAM wrapped up in crispy pie crust. Since the form is like a stick, it is easy to eat with one hand and GO!


Fluffy Chiffon Cake (Shibuya Marui milk)

This chiffon cake was specially produced for tasting fresh cream. Plenty of RICH FRESH CREAM is used, so you probably can’t recognize it’s a chiffon cake in a glance. Well, it is , and it looks great to post on SNS.


#イーグル137 さん. . . 手賀沼のほとり、高台に有るカフェ☕季節に合わせ、ワークショップ、音楽、アクティビティetc…のイベントが開催されるようです🎶 . この日は#Stove outdoor grill さんとのコラボ!!テラスのグリルでの調理🍴イイ匂いが辺り一面に立ち込めます✨外で食べるお食事🍽気持ち良い☺💕 . . #ふわとろシフォンケーキ 🍓. . シフォンケーキが見えない位に生クリームで覆われ、ちょこんと乗った苺がポイントに🍓🍓甘さ控えめな北海道産純生クリームでふわトロ😍美味しい❣. . . #和牛サーロインステーキ 🥩. . グリルで豪快に焼かれたレアな焼き加減のステーキ🥩こちらも柔らかくて美味しかった😍. . . . #手賀沼カフェ #テラスカフェ #わんちゃんok #千葉カフェ部 #柏カフェ #柏カフェ巡り #カフェ部 #カフェ巡り #カフェ好き女子 #カフェすきな人と繋がりたい #カフェランチ #苺スイーツ #スイーツすきな人と繋がりたい #cafe #cafestagram

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Summary of “milk” Newly opening in Shibuya Marui

How was our feature on “milk” newly opening in Shibuya Marui?
You must go after the grand opening! Hope you’ll love it too!!


Shop Information
Name:生クリーム専門店 milk(ミルク)

Address:Shibuya Marui 1-1, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

※Newly Opening On 29th April 2018!

Reference(日本発!生クリーム専門店 Milk ミルク:http://milk-craftcream.com/)

株式会社SweetsVillage 創業者。 3度の飯よりスイーツが好き。お菓子屋さんの取材を50件以上実施。様々なスイーツの企画にも携わり、スイーツの商品開発などにも携わる。